Arts and Crafts

  • One way to quickly earn quicker Art Badge Points is to first go to the the "Pawsome Painting" Game. You don't even have to play it. Just open the game then close it. Do this over and over and soon enough, you'll earn enough Art Badge Points to complete a prize or even get a Silver Badge. This might be tedius and quite annoying but this is a much quicker way. XD


  • Go the the Gym and click on the chalkboard. Select the Juggling Game. Make sure it is on hard mode (so it can go faster) and click play. Do not click anything. Wait until the yellow bar drops and the bear loses balance. You'll earn 10 badge points.

Growth and Development

  • If you are a Jr. Cybear Guide member, go to the Head Quarters there. Click on the TV that says "Choose a Game". Choose the color slide game. Keep on pressing the space bar  and do not change the direction on where you are throwing the disks. Form a big line until the game is over. You earn 10 badge points by this.


  • Go to Town Square and play the Furtastic Fountain Game. You'll earn 25 badge points.
  • Go to the Farm and click on the Canine Care Game. Click the play button then exit out. Without clicking the play button, you won't get points. You earn 5 badge points by this.


  • Visit the Sportsplex (inside) and click on the Pawsome Panda. Take the  100% Pawsome Test and select all the check boxes. When you are done, you'll earn 5 Badge Points.
  • Go to the Skate Park and click on the soccer ball. Play the Fast Paw game. Instead of trying to bounce the ball, just keep on letting it drop 3 times. Each time you do this, you will earn 5 Badge Points.
  • Go to the Gym in Bear University. Once you got in, play Basket Ball Spin with the Bear Lessons. Select "Hard" mode and click play. Do not press any letter. Make sure the bear drops the ball off his head. When you are done, you can exit or repeat it over and over again. You'll earn 10 badge points.


Bronze Badge

Arts and Crafts: Guitar Case and Flute Move
Fashion: Fashion Billboard and Break Dancing Move
Growth and Development: Laptop and Laptop Move
Community: Magic Box Theater
Recreation: Flashing Cycle Helmet and Basketball Dribbling Move

Silver Badge

Coming Soon!

Gold Badge

Coming Soon!