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Note: We only use Eastern Standard Time for our Events. Please check your Time Zone.

= House Party:
A party at JulianeBubbles' Cub Condo where we spend at least an hour playing fun activities, dancing, talking, and more. There is always giveaways at these events where you'll receive prizes and more.

= Restart Party:
A "restart" of the party before in case people have missed the first one. People who have joined the first party are also allowed to join the restart party but they will not get second gifts. There is also only just ONE restart party. Sorry!

= Spy Mission:
This event is where you get to hunt down criminals in Bearville. More information is on the "Spy Station" Page.

= Contest:
Our contests last about a week long. Winners of a specific contest will get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. They also receive drawn trophies that can be embed on their site and also shown on the main site here as well. The more participants in our contests, the more judges. We judge people fairly and give a 1-10 rating for each entry.

= Other type of Event:
Some other types of events can be comic conventions, anime conventions, fashion shows, marathons, and more. They are rare and special events that happen once every two months.